spring shopping wish list

spring fashion trends: a wish list from blog.cleanlinestudio.com

I finally did our taxes on Monday, and we’re getting a modest refund (YAY)! Keeping close track of my expenses from 2013 and that old child tax credit really paid off. So now with a little bonus coin in my pocket, I need to go shopping, right? (Dear husband: if you are reading this, I’m just kidding, mostly). I’d love to look as easy, casual, and put together as the imaginary chick above. I have always wanted a bomber-style leatherjacket, and I love the idea of a bronzer that will even work for my freaky-pale complexion. What’s on your spring wish list, and what are you craving from mine?

Have the happiest of weekends, and happy easter (to those of you who celebrate)! I’ll be reporting live from Oklahoma next week. I plan to stick to my usual blogging schedule,but we’ll see what the week brings….

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