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Happy Friday to you! I’ve seen this little exercise floating around on some of my daily blogs, and I’ve really enjoyed getting a little insight into my favorite bloggers lives. I hope you feel the same way about this sneak peek into mine and have a beautiful weekend!

MAKING bracelets from this design*sponge tutorial.

COOKING Mexican pulled pork as we speak (an unusual request by my husband). He’s the chef around here who will turn the meat into a glorious meal when he gets home from work.

DRINKING bubbly water with lime and lots of kombucha.

READING Life After Life: A Novel, By Kate Atkinso. I just devoured all three of Gillian Flynn’s novels in the past few weeks.

WANTING my updated website to be completed and ready to go.

LOOKING at the fuzzy orange kitty tail, poking out from under my curtains.

PLAYING with my hilarious little girl. This week she’s on a beauty and the beats kick. She’s Beast and I’m Belle. How kind of her, right?!

WASTING my energy worrying about things I can’t control (an always problem).

SEWING, or rather giving up on, a pleated midi skirt in a burgundy fabric that’s far too heavy for spring.

WISHING for some good news from a certain doctor.

ENJOYING the occasional warm bubble bath.

WAITING to finally be able to say my website is 100% complete (for now, always a work in progress).

LIKING the idea of a pirate party for Eva’s 4th birthday.

WONDERING what the future holds, in so many ways

LOVING this first day in May! I’ve accomplished a lot, connected with some mama friends, spent time outside, and just generally enjoyed life.

HOPING a new project I’m working on turns out as fabulous as I imagine it.

MARVELING at how quickly my garden has come to life, after only a week away.

NEEDING another coffee, but fearful that it would keep me up all night.

SMELLING the lilac that’s blooming on my kitchen table.

WEARING a black and white striped blouse, dark grey leather leggings, army green jacket, and my tortoise shell specks.

FOLLOWING the yellow conference, and wishing I had the time and money to go!

NOTICING my very first grey hair (gasp, sigh, BOO!)

KNOWING that someday, eventually, my hard work will pay off.

THINKING about building meaningful relationships, thanks to a recent alt class

BOOKMARKING Nordstrom. I just realized they offer free shipping on anything and have pretty good prices on beauty products, making them way more convenient than parking downtown at Sephora.

OPENING a box from amazon with ink for my beast of a printer, and another one from gap with a few soft spring shirts

GIGGLING at a silly text from my husband earlier today.

FEELING hungry, yet accomplished after a day well done.

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4 thoughts on “what I've been up to lately

  1. Miranti

    I am absolutely loving these posts! What a great way to pause and connect with what’s happening in life currently. I hope you get the news you’re after. Oh – and I don’t know that a website is ever 100% done. Hehe… mine’s a constant work in progress 🙂

    1. Sarah Post author

      Oh, totally true, Miranti! There’s no such thing as a completed website! I only meant i’m excited for the current changes to be in FULL effect, hopefully this week!

    1. Sarah Post author

      Awesome! I look forward to reading it, Kelly! I’m also gonna need to try making some of that body butter you have up on your blog!

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